The winter issue of BING magazine (#141) is now available and contains 60 pages all about our Mr. Crosby.  Photos, articles, new CD & DVD releases and news of Crosby events from all over the world are included.

          Martin McQuade organised a most successful film festival in New York in July and we have a film-by-film account of this following a marvellous article about the festival by no less than Gary Giddins. Jon Oye praises the new Bing and Al Jolson set and we have the excellent article by Nat Hentoff which pushed the Swingin’ With Bing CD set to the top of the Amazon charts recently.

Ken Crossland asks “Whatever happened to C.K. Dexter Haven?” as he looks at Bing’s appearances on the Hollywood Palace series and John Walton gives a full report on our annual meeting in Leeds which was graced by Bing’s niece Carolyn Schneider (the daughter of Bing’s sister Mary Rose). Carolyn’s address to the meeting is reproduced too.

All of the BING magazine regulars are there: Greg Van Beek with news of events in his part of the USA; Wayne Martin looking back through the Club Crosby archives; Keith Parkinson on films in his Celluloid Crosby section; Bert Bishop with details of recent sightings of Bing on TV and radio worldwide; Ken Crossland with updates about new Bing releases on CD & DVD plus Gord Atkinson and Pete Cakanic.  


As we always say when announcing our latest issue, if you are interested in Bing Crosby, then this has to be the magazine for you.



Order your copy of the magazine now by calling Wig Wiggins on (703) 241-5608 or by e-mailing the Editor.






Page last updated: November 13, 2005