The International Club Crosby reaches its 70th birthday this year and the spring issue of BING magazine (#142) celebrates this. It’s another 60 page edition packed with photos, articles and information about Bing. There’s news of Bing’s success in the Digital Downloads chart and of Kathryn Crosby’s return to the famous Pebble Beach golf tournament after more than 20 years. 

Martin McQuade has an account of an in-depth interview with Bill Harbach, the producer of the Hollywood Palace series and of several of Bing’s TV specials. The marvellous new book – Troubadour – by Norman Wolfe is reviewed by John Walton. Keith Parkinson examines the Road films in his A-Z section and we have the surprising and lengthy synopsis for the proposed final Road movie Road To The Fountain Of Youth. Some may feel relieved that this film was never made based on this outline!

All of the usual features continue with Ken Crossland reviewing the latest releases on CD and DVD, Bert Bishop noting recent Bing ‘sightings’ on radio and TV and Gord Atkinson writing about Phil Harris.

Bing’s niece, Carolyn Schneider, considers her illustrious uncle’s DNA and Bing’s nephew Howard Crosby joins a discussion about Bing’s friendliness or otherwise.


As we always say when announcing our latest issue, if you are interested in Bing Crosby, then this has to be the magazine for you.



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Page last updated: April 15, 2006