What could be better on these hot summer days than to sit down quietly with the summer issue of BING magazine? The latest edition is another 60 page monster packed with photos, articles and information about Bing. We have news of some great new CDs and a hitherto unknown Bing track from 1929!

Andy Williams has joined us as an honorary member, we have a report on the Sinatra at the Palladium show and Martin McQuade examines Bing’s 1932 appearances at the Brooklyn Paramount. Jon Oye looks at Bing’s endorsements of a huge variety of products apart from Minute Maid. A new book by Bing’s niece, Carolyn Schneider, is reviewed as are books about Peggy Lee, Russ Columbo and Dick Haymes. Carolyn Schneider also pops up again with an article about her Aunt Dixie (Bing’s first wife) and Keith Parkinson discusses Bing’s film Birth Of The Blues. Alan Matheson has a fascinating treatise about the underscoring music for Little Boy Lost.

All of the usual features continue with Ken Crossland reviewing the latest releases on CD and DVD, Bert Bishop noting recent Bing ‘sightings’ on radio and TV and Gord Atkinson writing about Bob Hope.

There’s a lot more too. This has got to be one of our best issues. Why not see if you agree?


As we always say when announcing our latest issue, if you are interested in Bing Crosby, then this has to be the magazine for you.



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Page last updated: July 27, 2006