Here we are with another great 60 page issue.  It is truly astonishing how much material is still being received for each issue nearly 30 years after Bing’s passing.

With Bing’s voice being heard all over the place as the holiday season approaches, what could be better than to sit down with a glossy magazine dedicated to all things Bing? In this issue, Martin McQuade reports on a marvellous fiftieth anniversary celebration of Bing’s classic film High Society which resulted in HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco joining us as a member. Greg Van Beek reviews the Christmas gifts sent by Bing to his friends over the years, Malcolm Macfarlane has an in-depth examination of the Hooper ratings for Bing’s radio shows and John Kobylecky investigates Bing’s British Hits between 1945 and 1948. Bing’s niece, Carolyn Schneider, contributes an article about her Uncle Everett (Bing’s business manager for many years) and we have reports on the recent promotional activities by Carolyn and by Kathryn Crosby. Keith Parkinson discusses Bing’s film Blue Skies and there is a report on the annual Leeds meeting.

All of the usual features continue with Ken Crossland reviewing the latest releases on CD and DVD, Bert Bishop noting recent Bing ‘sightings’ on radio and TV and Gord Atkinson writing about Peggy Lee.  And of course the marathon A-Z of Bing’s Movies series continues.

There’s a lot more too. Don’t miss this one!


As we always say when announcing our latest issue, if you are interested in Bing Crosby, then this has to be the magazine for you.



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Page last updated: November 11, 2006