A great cover starts off issue #145 as it means to go on. We have a real scoop — an interview with the last surviving member of the Music Maids, Alice Ludes, now aged 94! Mrs. Ludes has a fascinating tale to tell of working with Bing in the late 1930s and our thanks are due to Judy Schmid for interviewing Alice. There is a full report on the dedication of the Bing Crosby theatre in Spokane and of the celebration in New York of the fiftieth anniversary of Bing’s classic film High Society. Our correspondents report meetings with Bing fans Martina McBride and Willie Nelson, we catch up with Crosby impersonator Bob Pasch and there is a nice tribute to the late Fred Reynolds which includes a reprint of his hilarious To Frid From Frunk article.

          Gord Atkinson looks at the work of Bob Crosby, Keith Parkinson highlights the Star Night At The Cocoanut Grove short and the A-Z of Bing’s movies has reached Say One For Me. Ken Crossland reviews the latest issues on CD and DVD, Bert Bishop looks at Bing on the Box and the regular features of ‘Trading Post’ and ‘One Sweet Letter From You’ are included as usual. The Books ‘n’ Bing section has a fascinating comparison of Bing and Frank Sinatra.

          But there’s far too much to list here, so get your copy as soon as possible.



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