This edition commemorates the 30th anniversary of Bing’s passing and is a bumper 60 page issue packed with a variety of articles from many contributors. Greg Van Beek investigates a rare Bing item found in Stan Laurel’s effects, John Walton considers the changing nature of Bing’s voice and Martin McQuade comes in with a detailed look at the members of The Rhythmaires, Bing’s backing group. There are reports on the Leeds meeting and on the recent Grace Kelly exhibition. Gord Atkinson describes his meeting with John Scott Trotter and producer Bob Wynn says that Bing “was the most wonderful human being on Earth.” All the regulars are in this issue too with Keith Parkinson in his Celluloid Crosby section, Carolyn Schneider writes about Larry Crosby, Bert Bishop looks at what’s been on TV and Radio whilst Ken Crossland examines the new CDs and DVDs. If you like reading about Bing, don’t delay in getting this one!



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