An important feature in this issue is a letter from Bing’s daughter, Mary, explaining the family’s attitude to publicity since Bing’s death and reacting to a recent article by Peter Sheridan which we also reproduce. Greg Van Beek has done some original research into Bing’s Public Service and Promotional recordings, your editor reports on a meeting with Michael Feinstein and we have an article about Bing playing cricket in 1976! Former Club Crosby president, Mark Scrimger, returns to our pages with a look at Bailey’s Music Shop in Spokane which played such an important part in Bing’s early career. Keith Parkinson and Martin McQuade provide reviews of new books relating to Bing, Bing’s niece, Carolyn Schneider, brings us up-to-date with her various adventures and Bert Bishop reviews the recent radio series “On The Bing Crosby Trail”. Ken Barnes provides news about the “Seasons” album and Bing’s activities just before he died. Amongst the regular features, Celluloid Crosby looks at Mississippi, Gord Atkinson describes a meeting with Frank Capra and Ken Crossland reviews the last of the Jonzo CDs and gives information about the continuation of the chronological series. There’s a lot to read in this bumper 60 page issue and if you are a Crosby fan, it’s a must!



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