It seems incredible that this is the 150the edition of BING magazine. Frank Murphy would be amazed to find that his 1966 creation was still in existence.

This edition is another 60 page issue packed with matters pertaining to Bing. There is news of the new DVD of Holiday Inn in colour and of the special CD for members containing many rare tracks from Bing’s Woodbury series which have been provided by Michael Feinstein.  

Mark Steyn has allowed us to reproduce a fascinating article about Johnny Burke and Bob Halls reports on a successful Leeds meeting which was broadcast live on BBC Radio Cumbria. Greg Van Beek provides a list of all of Bing’s Christmas shows, Martin McQuade reports on various events in which he has been involved and John Walton tells about a visit to a Bing Crosby’s Restaurant. John Newton looks at myths surrounding the rare “Face The Music” medley and also pays a tribute to the late Jack Souther. Judy Schmid interviews Nelkane Benton who worked for Bing for many years and Arne Fogel defends the “Hey Jude, Hey Bing! album.  

Our front cover picture has been supplied by Greg Van Beek who has also provided images from the newly colorized Holiday Inn for the montage on the back cover. All the usual features are there of course with Keith Parkinson, Bert Bishop, Gord Atkinson and Ken Crossland supplying their regular columns. Celluloid Crosby looks at the use of Bing’s voice in Christmas movies, Gord Atkinson describes a meeting with Paul Whiteman and Ken Crossland reviews the second of the Sepia “chronological” CDs. If you are a Bing fan this magazine is a ‘must’!



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