The Spring 2009 edition of BING magazine is another 60 page bumper issue packed with a vast variety of subjects pertaining to Mr. Crosby. All the usual features are there of course with Keith Parkinson, Bert Bishop, Gord Atkinson and Ken Crossland supplying their regular columns. Celluloid Crosby looks at Road To Singapore on its seventieth anniversary, Gord Atkinson talks about Perry Como’s links with Bing and Ken Crossland reviews the latest CDs and DVDs.

Malcolm Macfarlane interviews Nathaniel Crosby, there is a report on the return of White Christmas to UK screens and Martin McQuade tells us about the White Christmas stage show seen in New York. John Newton writes about Bing’s rarest recordings and there are detailed reviews of several books which relate to Bing. Greg Van Beek provides a list of 100 posthumous television appearances by Bing and there is feedback from many members about the recent Woodbury CD and the newly colorized version of Holiday Inn

Bob Halls gives the results of the survey about the annual Leeds meeting, Bert Bishop reviews the radio and TV scene and Maureen Solomon discusses Bing’s film Going Hollywood.

But there’s far too much to describe here, so order your copy of the magazine now!



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