BING152.jpgThe summer 2009 edition of BING magazine is a 56 page issue containing the usual varied types of article. Features about Bing’s first and second families, John Newton describing some more rare recordings, Jane Stoutenborough reporting on an important Kathryn Crosby event in New York, and of course all the regulars, apart from Bert Bishop, are present too. Bert has had to step down as a regular contributor to the magazine.  Dating back to the early 1970s, he has been a major contributor to the Crosby cause playing a key role in two ground-breaking discographies. Also he has undertaken several roles for the magazine including “Keeping Track” as well as his erstwhile “Bing on the Box” column. Greg Van Beek has discovered a rare photograph of Bing from 1929 and he gives us the background to this before going on to review the new Bing & Satchmo CD. Maureen Solomon reports on the 100th birthday celebration of Dolores Hope, Martin McQuade investigates Bing’s involvement with Father Peyton’s Family Theater and a book review suggests that Grace Kelly did not sing “True Love” with Bing. Keith Parkinson’s Celluloid Crosby section covers We’re Not Dressing, John Walton asks “Anyone seen Val Doonican?” and Gord Atkinson describes a meeting with Frank Sinatra. Ken Crossland has news of the latest CD releases and Jean Rainey returns to our pages after almost 50 years as she describes Bing’s golfing adventure in Maidenhead in 1952.

Finally, we have news of a most exciting development on the horizon. A major issue of the recordings Bing did with Buddy Cole for radio is being planned by Bing Crosby Enterprises.

If you are curious about Bing, you will find much to interest you in this latest issue.



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Page last updated: July 12, 2009