BING156The new releases we detail in the winter 2010 issue of BING magazine will surely excite all Crosby fans. It really is mind-blowing to consider what is coming out of the Bing Crosby Archive and with Universal joining in with six Bing films in a DVD box set, it will be very easy to draw up a Christmas present list this year. There’s even a new single with Bryn Terfel joining Bing on “White Christmas” and there’s a video game for younger Crosby fans too.

The new issues received much publicity in the media but even the coverage they achieved was surpassed by the discovery of a very rare baseball film dating from 1960 found in Bing’s cellar. It is quite remarkable how much exposure this generated all over the world and naturally we give details in this magazine.

As always, we have had to hold back a lot of material as space was fully used by a host of great articles. Among them, Ken Barnes tells us more about Bing’s 1970 recording sessions whilst Richard Baker looks at some of Bing’s work in 1968. We have details of the $2m award to the Crosby estate and there is news of an excellent resting place for Ron Bosley’s wonderful collection. Bob Halls has again given us a blow-by-blow account of the Leeds meeting and our thanks are due to him for undertaking this very challenging task.

Greg Van Beek identifies the most precious item in his Crosby collection, Keith Parkinson considers Waikiki Wedding and Gord Atkinson reflects on Bing’s Christmas classics. There is so much more to read - there’s Ken Crossland looks at the latest releases, some interesting letters and Bob Achorn reviewing the latest book from Gary Giddins (no, it’s not his second Bing volume – that’s due out in 2012).

UK readers are being treated to an Argos advert featuring Bing as we go to press and “Bing on the Box” gives the details.

Looking ahead, 2011 will be the 75th anniversary of the founding of Club Crosby and to mark this we shall be offering a CD of rare Kraft Music Hall material dating from 1935 and 1936 to members who receive our next issue. The CD will be priced to cover our costs with no element of profit so it’s going to be a real bargain. It will be a limited edition and those who do not renew their subscription promptly may miss out. So don’t delay!


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