BING159.jpgThere is an eclectic choice of material for your delectation in this issue. We have an in-depth report on the Leeds meeting in October from Jeremy Rose and we reach the end of Keith Parkinsonís marathon A-Z of Bingís Movies. He started it in BING #93 issued in December 1989 so it has therefore run for 22 years and 67 issues. This must be some kind of a record! We have notes of interviews with Rose Marie, and with Bob Phillips who worked for BCE back in the early 1950s. The late lamented Lionel Pairpoint returns to our pages with a seasonal article and we take a look at what was happening to Bing 50 years ago. Richard Baker discusses discographies (and copyright) and Michael Collins considers an important work from Marghanita Laski. Can you guess what it was?

All the regulars are here too with Greg Van Beek, Martin McQuade, Keith Parkinson, Gord Atkinson and Ken Crossland all having interesting things to say. We have even got a poem from John Walton.

The front cover is as displayed here and has been provided by Greg Van Beek.

Members will be pleased to know that Bing Crosby Enterprises (BCE) now has its own record label - The Bing Crosby Archive - and the problems that members had in obtaining products from Collectorsí Choice should now be over. There are more than 52,000 fans on the BCE Facebook site and to celebrate that milestone all the Bing Crosby Archive CDs are available exclusively at To place an order, visit The Bing Crosby Store at

BCE had no new releases of any kind to announce as we went to press, but they promised to share updates with your Editor and via their website, Facebook page, and Twitter account as soon as thereís anything new! In turn, Iíll put details on the Crosby Fan World site and email any members who care to give me their email address. I do send out an occasional email to some members already and thereís no need for them to give me their details again.



Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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