This edition has significant news about the Bing Crosby Theatre in Spokane, a report on Bing being featured in the BBC’s Mastermind programme and there’s an Irish segment which inevitably includes our old friend George O’Reilly. Greg Van Beek examines the new autobiography by Regis Philbin in depth and Martin McQuade makes several substantial contributions to this issue notably in Books ‘N’ Bing.

Keith Parkinson’s A-Z of Bing’s Movies may have finished but he is still here with Celluloid Crosby and this time he looks at Bing’s 1956 film Anything Goes. Ken Crossland has some great CDs to review this time and he also comes up with a very interesting examination of one of Bing’s Spanish tracks.  In addition we have raided the BINGANG and BING magazine archives to see what was happening 75 and 50 years ago. Members’ letters are always interesting and this time is no exception.

Since our last magazine we have of course had the Christmas season when Bing’s voice was heard all over the place. Bing featured in many articles in the media around Christmas and afterwards when the Golf Tournament was underway and we have reproduced the more important ones in this issue.

The front and back cover photos in this issue have been provided by Greg Van Beek and Bing’s letter on the back inside cover is to James Sheldon, the director of Bing’s sitcom series.   

Incidentally, continues to add fascinating items to its site and it’s well worth taking the time to sit down to watch and listen to the contents of the video and audio vaults. Wonderful stuff!


                                                                  Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor

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