BING161.jpgThis issue of BING has a wide variety of articles for your consideration. We range from Greg Van Beek’s interview with singer Peggy King, who describes working with Bing, to an in-depth comparison of Bing and Elvis Presley.  There’s an update concerning Gary Giddins and his second volume about Bing, Keith Parkinson looks at Sing You Sinners and we reproduce a fascinating article by the late Lionel Pairpoint about Bing’s involvement with the “soaps”. Gord Atkinson is back with details of a memorable meeting with Bing in 1966 and all the other regulars are here too.

There is a detailed independent appraisal of the Sepia releases in this issue which will probably annoy many of you but I felt that we ought to read what others think – even if we do not agree. We are talking to Richard Tay of Sepia about other possible Crosby issues, perhaps next year.

We are certainly missing those great CDs from Robert Bader at Bing Crosby Enterprises at the moment but the good news is that there are plans for additional releases from BCE in the very near future, as well as a bit more exciting news - stay tuned!

Our front cover was prepared by Jon Oye for the Woodbury CD we issued a year or two back and it’s so good we wanted to use it again. The back cover has a great picture of Bing and Kathryn at the Palladium in 1977.

And finally, may I remind you that continues to add fascinating items to its site and it’s well worth taking the time to sit down to watch and listen to the contents of the video and audio vaults. Wonderful stuff!


                                                                  Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor

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