This issue has a variety of articles for your consideration. Greg Van Beek highlights the tenth anniversary of the Hofstra conference about Bing, there is an in-depth report on the Leeds meeting from Bob Halls and a fascinating Bing-related letter from a US soldier in France in 1944. We reprint Lionel Pairpoint’s examination of the Christmas Sing with Bing series and all the regular contributors are well in evidence too. Keith Parkinson looks at White Christmas and Gord Atkinson recalls an amusing incident with Bing. Sadly we have an obituary for Andy Williams, who was one of our honorary members. The Letters page is particularly interesting this time as we have responses to the detailed independent appraisal of the Sepia releases seen in the last issue. Our front cover shows a scene from High Society and the back cover has been specially designed by Crosby stalwart Arthur Blood.

We do not have any news from Bing Crosby Enterprises or Gary Giddins but you will find information about a new Bing release from Sepia Records in this issue. This ‘twofer’ CD containing the LPs of “Say One for Me” and “The Road to Hong Kong” should be available late in January. Sepia is also planning to issue a CD of some of Bing’s songs from the Kraft Music Hall which he never recorded commercially in May 2013 and they hope to follow up later in the year with a CD of songs from Bing’s shows for the Armed Forces Radio Service (Command Performance, Mail Call etc.).

And finally, may I remind you that continues to add fascinating items to its site and it’s well worth taking the time to sit down to watch and listen to the contents of the video and audio vaults. Wonderful stuff!


                                                                  Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor

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