The photo for our front cover this time was supplied by Greg Van Beek and our thanks go to Bing’s friend George O’Reilly for letting us reproduce one of the many letters he received from Bing on our inside back cover. In between the covers, we have a wide variety of items varying from a fascinating interview with our man in 1976 to a look at Bing’s “disciples” – Frank Sinatra, Perry Como and Dean Martin. Greg Van Beek meets up with the son of one of the original Mills Brothers, Keith Parkinson considers Bing’s golfing shorts and Ken Crossland looks at some much awaited CD and DVD releases.

We must also give sincere thanks and gratitude to honorary member Regis Philbin. He gave the ICC some marvelous exposure this past December during his hosting duties on SiriusXM’s Bing Crosby Christmas Radio. We have received a number of inquiries as a result of his ‘plug’ on our behalf, and we hope that these folks will decide to join the world’s oldest active fan club in due course. continues to add fascinating items to its site and it’s well worth taking the time to sit down to watch and listen to the contents of the video and audio vaults. Wonderful stuff!


                                                               Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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