BING164.jpg    We welcome Richard Baker who has kindly agreed to take over from Ken Crossland on the Keeping Track section leaving Ken free to write a separate column.  Richard is the compiler of the wonderful Bing discography on the Internet so he already watches all new releases very closely.

    Ken’s first submission entitled “Crosbyana” will be found later in this issue and he is joined by all the regulars who come up with their usual wide variety of articles. Greg Van Beek tells us how Bing gave him a new hobby of restoring antique radios, Keith Parkinson looks at Here Come the Waves in his Celluloid Crosby portion and Martin McQuade is here with a couple of interesting articles too. Gord Atkinson tells us about Bing’s visits to Canada and the Bing on the Box segment is packed with information about Bing on radio and TV during the last four months.

    There are reviews of books about Frank Sinatra and Debbie Reynolds amongst others and as always there is a lively Letters section. It’s Bob Crosby’s centennial this month and Norman Wolfe writes about his meeting with Bob back in 1991. There are other bits and pieces too and I never cease to be amazed by just how much material is available for each magazine. A list of the contents is shown below.

The annual Leeds gathering will take place on October 6th and I have some very interesting material including some rare items which have been supplied by Greg Van Beek. I look forward to meeting as many of you there as possible.


                               Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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Secretary / Treasurer’s Report

Bing Crosby Enterprises announcements

Bob Hope & Bing Crosby Double Feature

All “Roads” lead to Rancho Cucamonga

Fan clubs keep the flame alive

A Tribute to Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby said I was too young to marry him

Famous for Quality the World Over

Bob Crosby

He brought a note of happiness to the ladies

Ancestral home of crooner Crosby found in Cork

Bing Crosby’s nephew to perform

Trading Post

Books ‘n’ Bing

How Bing Crosby Helped to Create Silicon Valley

Celluloid Crosby

Tonight’s Movie: Top o’ the Morning (1949)

Crooner Rivalry: Here’s to Sinatra by Bing Crosby

Just Dial “M” for McQuade

So Set ‘Em Up, Joe

Keeping the Memory Alive

Bing at the Dorchester

One Sweet Letter from You


Bing on the Box

Once in a While

The Crosby Years

The Way We Were

Keeping Track

Leeds 2013