BING165.jpg   We have an eclectic mixture in this issue for you with a detailed review of the Leeds meeting by Bob Halls, a fascinating account of a Command Performance show in 1975 plus our regular contributors doing what they do best. Greg Van Beek considers the “Christmas Sing with Bing” broadcasts, Keith Parkinson looks at Going Hollywood and Martin McQuade tells us about Bing and Cinerama. Gord Atkinson relates his discussions with Bing about singing “White Christmas” to the troops in WWII and Wig Wiggins returns to our pages as well with a look at the myth of the 1947 recording of “White Christmas”. Bing’s niece, Carolyn Schneider, remembers Crosby family gatherings of years gone by and Ken Crossland continues his search for his missing 78s. He has even pressed his long-suffering wife, Linda, into action too. There have been some more excellent ‘Bing’s Basement’ broadcasts and Bing on the Box is the place to read about these and about a new Irish TV documentary in Gaelic! Last but not least, Richard Baker has the details of some excellent new CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray releases.


                               Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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Secretary / Treasurer’s Report

Gia Maione Prima

You often had to be quick to catch it

We’re Not Dressing in Syracuse!

Bing’s Boyhood Home Centennial

Bing Crosby Holiday Film Festival

Music & TV Word Seek

It’s Christmas Eve, and Bing Crosby is on the air

Bing’s Treasure Island Broadcast

Howard Crosby at Shannon

Trading Post

Books ‘n’ Bing

Celluloid Crosby


The Myth About Bing’s “White Christmas”

Bing and Christmas

One Sweet Letter from You

Ken Crossland’s “Crosbyana”

The Crosby 45s – British Listing

Leeds 2013

Bing on the Box

Once in a While

Gord Atkinson’s ‘The Crosby Years’

The Way We Were

Keeping Track