BINGCOVERsummer20141 copy.jpg  We have news of some good things on the horizon, including a new statue of Bing. Also in this edition, following diligent research by Greg Van Beek, John Newton has some exciting details of recordings from early Kraft Music Hall broadcasts which have not been heard since 1935/36 which I am sure will have most of us drooling.

Brian Willey, the producer of the BBC’s wonderful series about Bing in 1973, has recently discovered us and has written a fascinating article about his experience of working with Bing.

Bob Phillips, who worked for Bing Crosby Enterprises in the early 1950s, tells us all about those times in a major article, Greg Van Beek brings us up-to-date with his latest acquisitions and there’s news of the revised discography of Bing’s recordings.

Keith Parkinson takes an in-depth look at Bing’s film songs on v-disc and Ken Crossland makes a nostalgic trip back to his formative years. Gord Atkinson returns with details of his interviews with Bing in 1975 which are to be used in the forthcoming PBS-TV special Bing Crosby: Rediscovered. Martin McQuade has several interesting contributions in this issue and Carolyn Schneider takes a stroll down memory lane. The ‘Bing’s Basement’ broadcasts have been continuing and we have full details in Bing on the Box. Richard Baker is still awaiting all the goodies we are promised but he tells us what may be coming.

It is a real honour and pleasure to welcome Bing’s co-star Mary Carlisle as an honorary member and Adam Swanson has written an article for us about his meeting with her.

Barbara Walters, the TV journalist and personality has recently retired and to mark this, our back cover has a photo of her with Der Bingle when they got together in 1977.

I hope to see some of you at Leeds in October. A full programme is coming together with Ken Barnes, Bob Phillips and Perry Huntoon hoping to be there to make presentations. I have some rare items to show and play, and as usual we shall have a 2-hour DVD of songs from Bing’s films to finish off the evening.

                                                                                                                                            Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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