The Colossal Crosby Celebration, as it was called when the announcement of all the forthcoming new material was made in September, was very welcome indeed after a long period of little activity. Richard Baker anticipates it all in Keeping Track having had to summit his article before he could actually listen to the new CDs. Please support these issues because if we don’t, we could well see new releases drying up in the future.

Long-serving members will remember John Marshall who has done so much for Bing over the years and it is a pleasure to welcome him back to our pages after a long absence. Brian Willey has penned another article for us and we are delighted to have a contribution from Professor Anton Garcia-Fernandez. We have news of Mark Scrimger, another whose contribution to Crosbyana has been immense, and Bob Halls has again given us his detailed report on the Leeds meeting. Greg Van Beek has uncovered more information about the Christmas Sing with Bing series and Keith Parkinson looks at the Crosby-related career of our new honorary member Mary Carlisle. Ken Crossland considers some important anniversaries and Gord Atkinson talks about Bing’s most famous song. Bing has popped up all over the place in the last few months and we have tried to capture this in Bing on the Box.

In our last issue, John Newton told us about the rare Kraft Music Hall material he had purchased and he has kindly released this to be put on a CD by JSP Records. The ICC intends to purchase a supply of 250 copies of the CD for issue to members at advantageous prices and we hope that members will strongly support this. Full details in the next issue.

                                                Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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