Our congratulations and gratitude are due to Bing Crosby Enterprises and Robert Bader in particular for the tremendous exposure Bing obtained in the run-up to last Christmas. Much of this focused on the superb PBS documentary Bing Crosby Rediscovered but the many new DVD and CD releases plus a special Crosby Christmas Internet Radio channel added to the impact. I cannot speak too highly about the PBS documentary. It’s just what was needed to help re-launch Bing’s name.

Bing enjoyed his usual seasonal renaissance in December and it was good to see White Christmas: The 60th Anniversary being shown at selected cinemas throughout the USA for a historic two-day celebration event on Sunday, December 14 and Monday, December 15.

This issue of BING magazine rightly gives pride of place to a consideration of the PBS documentary but in addition Greg Van Beek has an unusual offer for you in his article. All the regulars are there as usual and we also have interesting contributions from ICC members Anton Garcia-Fernandez, Perry Huntoon, Bruce Hanson and Roger Schore.

Michael, our Secretary / Treasurer, highlights possible future financial problems for the ICC in his article. The British Sinatra Music Society appears to be facing the same challenges. However they are still holding their annual convention whilst we are making this year our last official annual dinner / meeting in the UK. Something we lack which our Sinatra friends have in abundance are local groups which meet regularly but without the expense of an elaborate meal. Very difficult to arrange in the USA because of the vast distances involved but perhaps it’s something that could be considered in the UK to replace the Leeds meeting.

In BING #167, John Newton told us about the rare Kraft Music Hall material he had purchased and he has kindly released this to be put on a CD by JSP Records. The ICC is purchasing a supply of 250 copies of the CD for issue to members at advantageous prices and we hope that members will strongly support this venture. It’s a fascinating CD with the younger Bing in excellent voice. Our thanks go, not only to John Newton, but also to Geoff Milne who spent many hours mastering the tracks for us.

                                                     Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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