After the excitement of the PBS show and the new releases, it’s been a fairly quiet time on the Crosby scene. The JSP CD of the early Kraft songs has been enthusiastically welcomed though and we are giving some thought to a further release of rare items. 

This edition of the magazine has a variety of interesting articles including one from a 1981 edition of BINGANG which I found fascinating at the time and I thought it was appropriate to put into print again. Greg Van Beek unearths some mystery photos, Keith Parkinson takes a look at Emperor Waltz and Gord Atkinson remembers the unveiling of Bing’s statue. Martin McQuade reports on a special travelling exhibition, Roger Schore has sent us a very interesting article about Bing from the New York Times in 1970 and Ken Crossland visits Jimmy Kennedy’s hometown. John Newton has unearthed some special “Happy Birthday” records and there’s plenty to report in Bing on the Box. Richard Baker does his best in a barren time for Keeping Track!

It looks inevitable that dues/subscriptions will have to rise for next year and Michael touches on this in his piece. Bob Grace also comes up with some interesting thoughts about the subject in our Letters section. Michael will also be reminding you about the forthcoming Leeds meeting in October and I hope to see many of you there. After 50 years, he has certainly earned a break and I do hope other members will do what the 23-year-old Michael Crampton did in 1966 and arrange meetings for Crosby followers in their locality. Get-togethers do provide a wonderful injection of Crosbyana.

                                         Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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Secretary / Treasurer’s Report

RIP: Jack Crosby – Bing’s oldest nephew

The New Discography

Queen Mary 2

Between the Liner Notes

Hot Club of Spokane

Kathryn and Mary at the Breakfast of Champions

Phil Crosby Jr.

The Crosby-Clooney Story

Bing Crosby House

Mystery Photographs

Songs of a Sunshine Salesman

Holiday for a Strings Virtuoso

Trading Post 

Books ‘N’ Bing

The Definitive Bing Crosby Discography

Bing’s Birthday Records

Celluloid Crosby

Herbert W. Armstrong Hosted Bing’s 50th

Bing’ll Be Dreaming of a White Christmas Again

One Sweet Letter from You

Ken Crossland’s “Crosbyana”

Bing on the Box

Once in a While

Gord Atkinson’s “The Crosby Years”

Still in Tune

The Way We Were

Keeping Track

Leeds 2015