This issue has a wide range of articles plus details of a forthcoming book about Bing by his son, Nathaniel and two new Crosby CDs. All the regulars are here and also most importantly we have news of Crosby Internet Radio which is available for us 24/7! It’s great to wander round the house with Bing’s radio shows booming out of my iPad.

               Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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Secretary / Treasurer’s Report


Crosby Internet Radio

Why Frank and Not Bing?

Michael Feinstein sings Bing!

Bing Crosby House

Tenth Annual Bing Crosby Film Festival

Five of the Best

‘A Celtic Christmas Concert’

Crosby get-together in the UK

An Amazing Friend

The Old Crooner and the Young Rocker

John Bassett remembers Ken Barnes

Trading Post  

Books ‘N’ Bing

Stories from Sound Control

Saturday essay: A Christmas epiphany 

A Meeting with Bing Crosby

The Christophers

Celluloid Crosby

Hope and Crosby’s Road movies

“Are You Wearing Old Dreams…”?

Bing Crosby and The Dream Factory

Follow the Sun

Bing and Elvis – Christmas 1957

Do You Hear What I Hear.

 “Say It with Music” (and Words!)

One Sweet Letter from You.  

A Note from Australia

Ken Crossland’s “Crosbyana”

Bing on the Box

Once in a While

Gord Atkinson’s ‘The Crosby Years’

The Way We Were

Keeping Track