…Unfortunately, Wig Wiggins suffered an accident in October which left him with a fractured left leg at the ankle in two places. Surgery was then necessary and Wig is currently in a rehab facility as I write. Hopefully he will be home by the time you are reading this and he will still be dealing with the collection of members’ dues and other club matters. Perry Huntoon will handle the actual distribution of the USA magazines with Scott Payne looking after the Canadian copies. Our sincere thanks are due to Perry and Scott for undertaking this task.

The sad news of the death of Jim Reilly who did so much for the club over many years was received in August and Michael Crampton has written a heartfelt tribute. We say farewell to Keith Parkinson in this issue and after half-a-century of contributions to the Crosby cause he goes with our sincere thanks for all he has done for us. David Lobosco has kindly agreed to take over Keith’s films slot.

As usual, we have a variety of articles on an assortment of subjects from the regulars. Martin McQuade has been very busy on our behalf and he reports on his various activities. Ken Crossland has made a pilgrimage to Gonzaga and Richard Baker makes a valiant effort in Keeping Track to find new releases. The ICC team is discussing ideas for future Crosby CDs to fill the void and we shall shortly be approaching sympathetic record companies with suggestions.  In the meantime, we still have Crosby Internet Radio to entertain us.

Gord Atkinson has a seasonal theme to his article and Graham Pascoe has some interesting facts on Bing’s impact in Australia. Jason Liddiard sends details of his latest Crosby gathering and there has been a lot of activity to document in Bing on the Box.

It’s a pleasure to welcome offerings from new contributors Patrick Sheppard, Lars Roth, Jeremy Rose and Frans van der Kolff.

It’s rare for something new to turn up nowadays, but Michael Feinstein has uncovered a rare recording from 1944 with Bing speaking and singing in French!  

We gave the sad news of Priscilla Koernig’s passing as a short “Stop Press” item in our last issue and this time we have chance to make a fuller tribute.

As Christmas approaches, we shall hear Bing all over the place and it’s a lovely time to be a Crosby fan. We have a couple of articles reflecting the time of year.

 I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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