So here we are, well into 2017, 40 years since Bing passed away and we must make a lot of noise in October to ensure that the media remember this. Also, it’s 75 years since “White Christmas” was recorded. Several writers seized on this anniversary last Christmas and some of these articles are included in this issue. It did seem that “White Christmas” was not heard quite so much during the holidays and in the UK the Bing ‘n’ Bowie duet seemed to rival it for the number of plays heard on the radio.

We are delighted that Gary Giddins has completed the second volume of his three-volume Bing Crosby biography: “Bing Crosby, Swinging On a Star, the War Years, 1940-1946,” to be published by Little, Brown. It was submitted to the publisher early in January and we await news of the actual publication date. I know I speak for you all when I say “I can’t wait!”

We welcome David Lobosco as he takes over “Celluloid Crosby” from Keith Parkinson, and Jeremy Rose has also joined the ranks of our regulars in this issue. Sadly, our obituaries section is overflowing this time. At last there is information about new CDs much to Richard Baker’s relief. Our front and back covers have been supplied by Greg Van Beek and the back inside cover has one of the many letters the late Priscilla Koernig received from Bing.


Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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Secretary / Treasurer’s Report

John Marshall

Going My Way in Warrington

Bing Crosby Holiday Film Festival

The Bible Story of Christmas
Bing wasn’t sure White Christmas would be a hit

Mistletoe & Rhyme

Holiday in Europe: Bing’s European Journey

Bing’s Doo Wop

Hollywood Victory Caravan

Trading Post.  

Books ‘N’ Bing
Dreaming of a white Christmas?

‘Gentle hearts’ inspired song

Celluloid Crosby
Cinerama’s Russian Adventure
Christmas at the movies with Ing and Bing

A Song 32 Years in the Making
One Sweet Letter from You

A Letter to Mary
A Note from Australia
Bing Sings Whilst Bregman Sings

Bing on the Box

Once in a While

The Way We Were

Keeping Track