October 14, 1977 sees the 40th anniversary of Bing’s passing and we are keen to remind the media about this. Already I am nudging some of the local radio stations here in the UK and I’ll follow up again at the end of September. Can we ask all members to consider an approach to their local newspapers / radio and TV outlets please?  Ron Field in Morton, WA, has already fixed up a special film show at his local theatre.

Our mission is to perpetuate the memory and the musical legacy of Bing for the benefit of future generations and this is the kind of action which will help. The stars of our kind of music are slowly fading from sight as are their fan clubs. The Sinatra Music Society in the UK is still going strong but they report that they have lost 100 members in the last 18 months.

Gary Giddins has been in touch and it seems that his publisher is planning a 2018 release of “Bing Crosby, Swinging on a Star, the War Years, 1940-1946.” Frustrating to us and of course to Gary but it will be worth the wait.

This issue has a major article from Bob Phillips who worked with Bing Crosby Enterprises in the early 1950s, Anton discusses the “Feels Good, Feels Right” album whilst David Lobosco looks at Bing’s film Here Come the Waves.  Jeremy Rose considers the first Decca session, Martin McQuade has an interview with José Feliciano, Bruce Hanson remembers the “Bing’s Hollywood” series, Ken Crossland highlights the importance of album covers and Gord Atkinson gives us an excerpt from his latest book. As always, Graham Pascoe has lots to tell us about Bing’s impact “down-under”, Richard Baker presents his “Keeping Track” and there’s plenty more besides. It really is wonderful to have this much material so many years after Bing’s demise.

Our front cover fits in nicely with Bob Phillips’ article about Bing recording his radio shows. The back cover shows Bing with Phil Harris and Alice Faye on a Hollywood Palace show broadcast on February 18, 1967. The back inside cover has an interesting letter dating from 1957 to Charles Graves, (1 December 1899 – 21 February 1971) the journalist and writer, and brother of the novelist and poet Robert Graves. Charles Graves was a keen golfer.


Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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