Well, we made a fair bit of noise about the 40th anniversary of Bing’s passing! We hit Facebook hard and Lachlan McLean did a great job on “Bing Constantly” on Twitter. Lachlan also put together a press release on behalf of the ICC which was sent to press agencies worldwide and as many newspapers we could find. I bombarded UK radio stations with emails, and Wig and many others of you contacted your local radio stations. The most welcome announcement by the Crosby family of two new CDs was perfectly timed too.

The results of all this activity was very rewarding. The BBC broadcast an hour-long tribute which Ken Crossland reviews in his Crosbyana article and many other UK radio presenters highlighted the event with special shows and by playing Crosby records. Full details in Bing on the Box.

Jason Liddiard organized a Crosby get-together for October 14 in the UK and in the USA, Martin McQuade presented “Bing Crosby’s Hit Parade” in Brooklyn whilst Ron Field put on a special film show in Morton, Washington. Arne Fogel, Greg Van Beek, Rob Bamberger and Jack Boyle had radio tributes too.

Affiniti Music, a Classical Crossover group toured Ireland and presented Hollywood Salutes Bing Crosby at several locations. All in all, it was an excellent outcome and thank you to all of you who played a part.

This magazine is packed with a wide variety of articles which I hope will merit your approval and I thank all the contributors for their hard work. We have paid a little extra in order to have colour throughout in this issue and please let us know if you would like it to continue. Our covers this time have been supplied by long-term member Arthur Blood (who will be 93 in December) and they fit in nicely with the season. No prizes for guessing which film they come from.


Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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