In every New Year, we look for anniversaries and for example it’s 50 years since Bing recorded his “Hey Jude” album so it’s entirely appropriate that Anton reviews this in depth later in this issue. On a more modest level, it’s 25 years since I became Editor of this magazine. Ken Crossland took over as Editor from the late Reg Bristo in 1989 with me acting as his Assistant and I assumed sole responsibility with issue No. 103 in 1993. It’s been a very satisfying journey for me and I look back with pleasure at the last 75 editions.

The announcement we had all been awaiting for some years came on January 28 – Gary Giddins’ book Swinging on a Star – The War Years 1940-1946 will be available in November this year! I emailed all members whose addresses I had and naturally there was an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response. We have further information on a subsequent page.

We send our congratulations to Nathaniel Crosby on his appointment as Captain of the USA 2019 Walker Cup team but naturally those of us in the UK are hoping that Great Britain and Ireland can regain the trophy.

As usual, Bing enjoyed his customary seasonal popularity around Christmas-time and he even appeared in a Billboard chart. It does seem that the Bing and Bowie duet is being heard more often than “White Christmas” nowadays and this is a real pity because “Peace on Earth / Little Drummer Boy” hardly represents Bing’s best work.

I am sure that all of you will be delighted with the new CDs from Bing Crosby Enterprises and Richard Baker provides all the details in Keeping Track. Ken Crossland has written an excellent explanation of the source of “crooning” in his Crosbyana article and Anton reviews Will Friedwald’s superb new book in Books ‘n’ Bing. Martin McQuade tells us about a very important banjo and Gord Atkinson explains how Bing helped shape his life. Sadly our obituaries section shows no sign of reducing in size but I suppose that’s inevitable with the passing of time.

After so many years it’s a real pleasure to have so much material available for our magazine. I thank all our contributors for making my job so easy. You all seem to like the use of colour throughout the magazine and we’ll try to maintain this whilst funds permit.

Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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