A fascinating variety of articles awaits you in this issue. Greg Van Beek has provided our front cover and the back cover originated from Arthur Blood who sadly passed away in January.

The main talking point in recent months has been the wonderful new book from Gary Giddins and we have a number of reviews of this. Gary has promoted his masterpiece very heavily indeed and I do hope the sales are going well because we badly want a volume 3. Have you got your copy yet?

In this issue David Lobosco examines Top O’ the Morning, a film that has not been reviewed in Celluloid Crosby before, probably because of the difficulty of actually seeing a copy. Thankfully TCM showed it in March, the first time it has been seen on TV since 1998.

In an article I found in the archives, I recall the memorable time that Bing’s butler, Alan Fisher, visited our Leeds meeting in 2000 and Ken Crossland discovers how Crosby collectors shared their recordings in years gone by. Martin McQuade has contributed several diverse articles and Graham Pascoe continues to amaze me with his knowledge of the Australian scene.

Richard Baker has had a struggle to find new Bing releases but at least he does have the excellent “Holiday in Europe” CD to consider this time. We owe a huge debt to Richard Tay of Sepia Records for his ongoing efforts to issue Crosby CDs at a time when CD sales everywhere are falling. Streaming has become the norm for younger folks but this development helped the Crosby cause around Christmas time because it resulted in Bing appearing in the best-seller charts again.

Do please read Michael Crampton’s report carefully because we shall need to take decisions for the future of the club later this year. Jeremy Rose and I have had some success in raising some funds for the club from the collections of Gwen Harvey and John Norris Wood but it was very hard work and not something we should like to repeat too often.


Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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