This edition may have a slightly different look because we have changed our printer. Our previous printer, who, for historic reasons, was based in Durham (150 miles away from me), has done a great job for us over the years but having a printer just a mile from my home will be more practical. We should be able to get the magazine out more quickly and there should be some useful cost savings too. Let me know how you like the look of this issue.

The future frequency of the issue of magazine has now to be considered by you all and the insert enclosed with the magazine sets out the possible options. Do please make the effort to give us your feelings on the matter.

The passing of Doris Day was a sad loss for us all and we examine her career in our Once in a While section. There’s a particularly wide range of articles in this issue. Anton is back as he explores Bing Sings the Great Country Hits, a 1963/1965 LP that finds our man taking a stab at the then highly popular Nashville Sound style of country music. Jeremy Rose returns to our pages too after a short absence with an in-depth look at Bing’s 1957 children’s records. It’s nice to have an article from former BING editor John Bassett and all the regulars are here as usual.

Are we seeing the demise of the CD as streaming takes over? Richard Baker considers the situation as well as giving us details of some new CDs. Martin McQuade covers an interesting variety of subjects and Ken Crossland has some thoughts about the Bing & Satchmo album. David Lobosco has been looking at Bing’s film Just for You and Graham Pascoe picks up some of the points from our last issue relating to the Australian scene. We nearly had some great news of rare videos and films in Bing on the Box but ultimately we were disappointed as you will read.

I shall be sending the winter edition of the magazine off to the printer on October 25 so please send in any contributions before that date. The earlier the better please.


Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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