It is with great sadness that I have to advise you that Wig Wiggins passed away on October 29. Michael has more information in the column he had written before we received the late news of Wig’s passing, which only arrived whilst the magazine was being printed.

After this very sad opening to my Editorial, I am however very pleased to report that a new album of Bing with the London Symphony Orchestra was issued on November 22. It’s called Bing at Christmas – details in “Keeping Track”.

The reactions to the appearance of the last magazine were very favourable indeed and we have to thank Debbie Sleith at Printdesigns for her imaginative reworking of the basic and simple material I supplied to her. It gives the magazine a much more professional layout.

Michael Crampton has the results of the recent survey about the magazine’s future and there is good news in the short term as we can continue with three issues next year albeit of 48 pages each instead of 56.

This issue has an interesting mix of articles, ranging from David Lobosco’s review of Little Boy Lost to Jeremy Rose’s investigation of the “How the West Was Won” album and on to John Bassett’s further discographical information. We welcome Frans van der Kolff who has been looking at The Charioteers’ career and I have made some fresh discoveries about Bing’s childhood in Spokane. There’s news of a hitherto undiscovered recording and we also hear from the regulars Ken Crossland, Martin McQuade, Graham Pascoe, Lorne Harasen and Richard Baker. Also, I am delighted to say that Mark Scrimger is back in our pages after a long absence,

As we approach Christmas, Bing’s voice is more in evidence in the media and in the shops. It’s a lovely time of year for us Crosby supporters (as Bing liked to call us) and I wish you all the best for the festive season.

Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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