It was very pleasing indeed to see Bing featuring in various Billboard charts in December mainly thanks to the huge impact of the increased use of streaming. Millions of the Crosby Christmas tracks were played and the statistics involved truly astounded me, as you will read on a subsequent page.

The Chesterfield 2-CD set has been warmly welcomed and combined with the similar Philco set, it makes a wonderful example of Bing’s versatility as he sang the hit songs of the day.

In recent months, I have been adding many clippings about Bing to the various Facebook pages about the Groaner. I have acquired these over the years when researching items for my “Day by Day” book and it seems a shame not to share them more widely. Hopefully it will produce a few members for our club.

This packed edition contains a very interesting mix. There are articles from new contributors, details of previously unknown songs plus the usual excellent offerings from the regulars. The mystery of “the album that never was” is explored, as is the vexed question of record speeds. Sadly, we also have a long list of obituaries.

I have been amazed by the volume of material that has been submitted to me for inclusion in the magazine this time and my apologies to those of you whose contributions have had to be held back until our next issue.

There are signs that the Covid virus might be coming under control in the coming months as the vaccinations rollout continues. Let’s hope that by the time our summer issue is available we shall be almost back to normal. In the meantime, please stay safe.

Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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