So at last, many of us can see a time when we shall almost be back to normal. It’s been a long haul but at least we’ve had our Crosby collections to sustain us. Pat and I have been out walking on most days and have found many trails in our locality that were new to us. We ought to have lost weight but it hasn’t happened yet! The golf courses reopened here in the UK in April and that too has helped to cheer some of us up.

Some sad news to start with, as I am very sorry to advise you of the passing of my friend and long-term contributor to the magazine, Gord Atkinson. There is a tribute on a subsequent page.

       This issue has a report on Gary Giddins’ lecture in April and it seems that a volume 3 about Bing from him hangs in the balance. One article you should not miss is by Frans van der Kolff as he looks at the forgotten art of whistling in conjunction with a remarkable young Crosby fan. The regulars are here as usual including Anton discussing his Crosby library, David Lobosco looking at “The Star Maker” and Martin McQuade discovering the groaner’s link with Albert Einstein! Ken Crossland examines some of Bing’s film songs and their writers, whilst John Bassett tells us how he had to do his honourable duty.

The front cover this time comes from the set of “The Big Broadcast” whilst our back cover shows the stars of the Bing Crosby Show from February 1964. A very impressive assembly indeed!

Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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