We are delighted to give details of another wonderful Crosby release from Sepia Records in this edition. “Kraft Music Hall Time” follows on from the Philco, Chesterfield and Guest Star Time issues and I am sure that members will be very pleased with the mastering work done by Robin Cherry to bring Bing’s radio tracks for Kraft back to life.

This magazine has a very wide selection of articles with Jeremy Rose dissecting a Crosby / Clooney recording session and Eva Posin investigating the influence of classical music on Der Bingle. Martin McQuade reviews Bing’s interaction with the ladies of the White House and we have a learned analysis of Al Jolson’s influence on our man. Lorne Harasen highlights Mary Crosby, John Bassett has another rare record for us to consider and David Lobosco looks at “Waikiki Wedding”. Ken Crossland is very pleased with a recent acquisition and Graham Pascoe reports on the reaction to “Mr. Music” in Australia.

The front cover shows Bing in his comeback years and the back cover has the crooner enjoying the sun at his Nevada ranch. There was once a rumour that Bing had made a record with Russ Columbo and the letter on the inside back cover seems to confirm that to be false.

Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


This 56-page glossy magazine continues to be essential reading for the serious Crosby supporter and order your copy of the magazine now by contacting Perry Huntoon (phone: (630) 357-5374).

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