We are seeing all kinds of activity on the Crosby front with the Bing Crosby Estate launching various initiatives in conjunction with Primary Wave. Christmas is on the horizon and CD, vinyl and Blu-ray issues are starting to appear. Further details will be found in this issue, which as usual has an eclectic mix of articles.

Queen Elizabeth was a Crosby fan in her earlier years and building on this, Martin McQuade has researched Bing’s links with the British Royal Family over the years. Anton Garcia-Fernandez writes about the Eddie Lang and Bing Crosby partnership. Eva Posin has an in-depth look at the Crosby voice as it changed throughout the decades, Jeremy Rose examines Bing’s abortive recording session in the UK for his “Holiday in Europe” album and David Lobosco reviews one of the true classic Crosby films. All of the other regulars are here too and this is my opportunity to thank all contributors for their work over the last year. It’s not easy to come up with a different article three times every year and I really appreciate their efforts which help to make the magazine something special. Michael Crampton, Perry Huntoon, Scott Payne and David Currington are the men who keep the club together though and on behalf of all members, I extend my grateful thanks to them.

There’s a great new 2-CD set from Sepia covering the “White Christmas” and “Holiday Inn” songs now available and an insert is enclosed with this magazine enabling you to order it. We hope to have another 2-CD set to follow on in the spring. I look forward to seeing Bing back in the charts again this Christmas thanks to the streaming of his seasonal songs. Let’s hope that eventually leads to more people discovering the rest of his huge body of work.

Our front cover this time is an appropriately seasonal picture of Bing and our back cover shows him with Mary Carlisle in the Doctor Rhythm film.

Malcolm Macfarlane - Editor


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