This new A4 size Bing Crosby Discography is based on its predecessor “Bing Crosby’s Commercial Recordings from 78s to CDs” which was printed in 2001 (and now out of print).  After extensive research and consultation with Bing Crosby Enterprises and other Crosby Collectors it became apparent that the original discography was in need of an up-to-date revision which has now been completed.


This is an extremely easy to use Discography - to find out details of any of Bing’s commercial recordings all you have to do is to look up the title in the Index of Recordings section and this will direct you to the entry for any given title, which indicates the date of the recording and the corresponding master number.   In addition - - and unique to this discography - - is a listing of the original commercial release for each title, as well as the best available CD version of all the titles which have been reissued on compact disc.


The Discography also includes useful information on Bing’s career with the following headings:-


1. Bing’s First Recording   2. Bing with Paul Whiteman   3. Bing at the Cocoanut Grove

4. Bing’s Brunswick Years   5. Bing and Decca Records   6. Bing’s Top Hits  

7. White Christmas   8. Bing’s Merry Christmas Album   9. Bing’s Gold Records  

10. Bing’s Academy Award Songs   11. Bing’s Radio Years  

12. Bing - A Musical Autobiography 13. Bing’s Hollywood Albums  

14. Bing Crosby - The Film Star   15. Bing’s Freelance Years 16. Bing’s Project Records 

17. Bing’s London Recordings 18. Bing’s Final Recordings   

19. Chronological Recordings on Compact Disc


Contact Wig Wiggins at 5608 North 34th. St., Arlington. Virginia 22207 (phone: [703]-241-5608) to obtain your copy.  

Prices: USA US$35 (postpaid), Canada US$35 (in U. S. funds) (postpaid), and in the UK £21.50 (postpaid). Mainland Europe & Ireland £24 (postpaid). Australian and New Zealand members should order their copies from David Currington paying A$50 (postpaid).


This is a limited edition so make sure of a copy while you still can!

Make checks payable to F. B. Wiggins in the USA.



Page last updated: September 21, 2016