The summer 2003 edition of BING magazine (#134) is now available and there are detailed reports on the very successful centennial celebrations at Gonzaga and Milwaukee as well as the many other bursts of activity all over the world. We take great comfort from the enthusiasm of the members taking part in these. With ‘young’ energetic supporters such as Steven Lewis, Greg Van Beek, Judy Schmid, Barry Stapleton, Martin McQuade, Jane Fitzgerald and Sue Horn to mention a representative few, we can feel assured about the future of the Crosbyana movement. Also in this issue, we welcome back Ken Crossland (still on the right side of 50!) who will be looking after the Keeping Track section from now on.


The Crosby family have been prominent too with Kathryn Crosby touring the USA promoting her book and obtaining great publicity for Bing. Nathaniel and Steven Crosby have both given important interviews to various periodicals and we carry extracts from these. The Bob Hope centennial in May received very good coverage both in the USA and the UK and Bing invariably cropped up in relation to this. A number of members sent greetings to Bob which I know would have been very much appreciated by the Hope family. Our cover photos this time mark the centennial of both Bing and Bob and we thank Greg Van Beek for providing the front cover and Jon Oye for the item used at the back.


At Gonzaga, we saw the new KSPS-TV documentary, Bing Crosby - Going My Way, and hopefully this will start appearing on PBS stations all over the USA in the coming months. Talking of television, our new TV book, which is titled The Chronological Bing Crosby On Television, is virtually complete and we are seeking orders in advance for this limited edition. The 2004 calendar is in course of preparation too so get your orders in now.


In the UK, the BBC’s Radio2 network carried three one-hour programmes on Bing’s work which were narrated by Pat Boone and Bert Bishop reviews these in depth as well as looking at the many tribute programmes from all over the globe.


In the USA, MCA/Universal have issued three superb new double DVDs and other companies have been active on this front as well. CDs continue to be issued featuring Bing and Ken Crossland in his Keeping Track section has full details of all of these. Ken also looks at some of the items seen on Ebay in recent months.


Gord Atkinson tells us of the latest issues in his The Crosby Years series and all of the other regular contributors are there too with Wig Wiggins detailing some important radio broadcasts in which he was involved and Keith Parkinson looking at Bing’s film The Big Broadcast. We have information about Bing’s early work with the Musicaladers and his time as one of the Three Harmony Aces and his role in the Clemmer Entertainers.


In short, if you are interested in Bing Crosby, this is the magazine for you.


As Michael Crampton reminds us, this will be the last magazine issued on behalf of the International Crosby Circle as next time we shall be part of the new International Club Crosby. The annual meeting at Leeds in October will of course be the first for the UK branch of the International Club Crosby. It’s going to be an exciting new era for the Crosbyana fan movement.


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