The winter edition of BING magazine (#135) is now available and this is the first issue for the new combined club, The International Club Crosby.


So what will you find in this issue? The death of Bob Hope so soon after his centennial was a huge blow but probably not unexpected. Greg Van Beek has penned a sincere tribute to the man who will forever be closely associated with Bing.

Bing’s centennial tributes have continued and we have news of major events from diverse parts of the USA including the magnificent event put on by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills recently. Howard Crosby, Bing’s nephew, contributes the second part of his article about ‘Uncle Bing’, ‘Wig’ Wiggins’ gives us some Bing vignettes, Pete Cakanic raises an important issue in his “Bing-ing Around” column whilst Keith Parkinson looks at Bing’s celluloid career and continues his A-Z listing of Bing’s movies. Bert Bishop reports on Bing’s appearances on TV and radio all over the world with Ken Crossland coming in to look at the new CD and DVD releases.    

The club’s new TV book, which is titled The Chronological Bing Crosby On Television, is now available and there are still a few copies of this limited edition left. And don’t delay if you want a copy of the Crosby Calendar for 2004.



Order your copy of the magazine now by calling Wig Wiggins on (703) 241-5608 or by e-mailing the Editor.


Page last updated: August 30, 2004