The spring edition of BING magazine (#136) is now available from The International Club Crosby.


Another packed issue with appropriate coverage given to the death of Bing’s son Phillip who passed away in January. Greg Van Beek tells us the background story behind the Christmas duet between Bing and Clay Aiken, Wayne Martin delivers a tutorial on the manufacture of 78s and it’s good to see Lionel Pairpoint back in our pages with newly discovered information about the Woodbury shows. There is news of the Crosby estate’s legal battle with MCA plus contributions from all the regulars. ‘Wig’ Wiggins looks at a forthcoming book containing the Hofstra lectures, Keith Parkinson reviews Going My Way and continues his A-Z of Bing’s movie career, Bert Bishop discusses the Larry King Live programme and Ken Crossland examines the new CD and DVD releases. There is also a review of Ken Crossland’s new book about Michael Holliday plus much, much more. If you are interested in Bing, don’t miss this 60 page bonanza.

The club’s TV book, which is titled The Chronological Bing Crosby On Television, remains available as there are still some copies of this limited edition left.


Order your copy of the magazine now by calling Wig Wiggins on (703) 241-5608 or by e-mailing the Editor.