The summer edition of BING magazine (#137) is now available from The International Club Crosby.


A wide variety of articles and photographs are contained in this latest issue. New CD & DVD releases are highlighted by Ken Crossland and the issue of Here Comes The Groom on DVD gives Keith Parkinson the opportunity to look at this film in depth in his ‘Celluloid Crosby’ column.  By coincidence one of the stars of that film, Beverley Washburn, is interviewed by Martin McQuade in our pages this time.  Wayne Martin takes a look back at Bing’s Blue Label Deccas and we also have important contributions from the rest of the regulars, Pete Cakanic, Bert Bishop, Greg Van Beek and Wig Wiggins. There is news of Kathryn Crosby’s ongoing publicity appearances and a fascinating article from 1946 which reminds us of Bing’s huge impact at that time. Bing’s Gold Records are considered and there is a helpful list from Ken Gray showing which of Bing’s recordings have not yet appeared on CD. Don’t delay, order the summer edition today.

          The club’s TV book, which is titled The Chronological Bing Crosby On Television, remains available as there are still some copies of this limited edition left.



Order your copy of the magazine now by calling Wig Wiggins on (703) 241-5608 or by e-mailing the Editor.

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