The summer 2005 edition of BING magazine (#140) is now available and we have news of a wonderful new book by Norman Wolfe about Bing which will be available to ICC members at the end of the year. This gives a realistic and honest view of Bing’s life and I am sure that all members will be fascinated by it. Every edition seems to bring sad news of the death of a Crosby stalwart and this time we note the loss of Vernon Wesley Taylor, who was a veritable giant in the Crosbyana world. Norman Wolfe has a brief tribute. Letters from members and items wanted or for sale are there as usual plus reviews of the latest CDs and DVDs.


The other highlights of the magazine include:


Bing retrospective in New York - An outline of the recent Bing film festival

Bing in 2005 - Greg Van Beek gives us an update on various Crosby developments

The Crosby Imitators - Mike Kaptanis looks at singers who imitated Bing.

Crooner Style - Crosby and Columbo - A fascinating comparison

Milne Magic                                       - A meeting with record producer Geoff Milne

Counterpoint is the essence                 - The work of John Scott Trotter as seen by a 1939 magazine

Road to par with Bing and Bob           - Bing and Bob’s golfing exploits

Celluloid Crosby                                - Keith Parkinson looks at “East Side of Heaven”

The A - Z of Bing’s Movies                - “Rhythm on the River” to “RKO”

Alex Cord remembers Bing                 - The Stagecoach star has some warm memories

Bing bounces back!                            - Ken Crossland looks at the summer of 1975

Bing at the Beeb - Part 2                     - Gems from the BBC Written Archives Centre

Just Let Bing be Bing                          - Martin McQuade’s detailed report on his meeting with the

 director of Bing’s sitcom series.

Bing On The Box                               - Bert Bishop looks at recent sightings of Bing on TV and radio.

Once in a While                                  - The obituary section

The Crosby Years                              - Gord Atkinson recalls an interview with Fred Astaire

Leeds 2005                                        - The 40th annual Leeds event is on the horizon and we hope to have a bumper attendance this year with some special guests, including Bing’s niece, Carolyn. See you there!


If you are interested in Bing Crosby, then this is the magazine for you.



Order your copy of the magazine now by calling Wig Wiggins on (703) 241-5608 or by e-mailing the Editor.






Page last updated: August 4, 2005