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Many years ago, diligent members of what was then the International Crosby Circle prepared listings of Bing’s record releases in the UK, first on 78 shellac records and then on 45rpm discs.


Back in December 1992, we published the 78s listing in BING magazine #102 and, following help from Richard Baker, we are now reproducing that article as a searchable PDF file. Click here to see this.


In BING #164, Ken Crossland wrote:

…Perhaps it’s because the Crosby brotherhood has never seen Bing as a 45 rpm singer that there has been no Crosby 45s listing published by the ICC or its predecessors. Way back in the early 80s, Wayne Martin and others put together some listings in BINGANG of US issues of EPs and boxed sets of 45s. Back further still, my new namesake, Ralph Harding, listed some UK issues in his short-lived Crosby Collector publication, but as far as I can see, no listing exists of Bing on 45, either in the US or the UK.

John Bassett, who edited BING magazine from 1971-1975, spotted this and wrote to Ken pointing out that BING #36 (December 1974) contained a ‘skeletal’ listing of the UK issues which had been prepared by member Jim Hayes. John went on to list the British 45s and EPs issued subsequently and using these sources we have put together the following.




45-03384  White Christmas / Let’s Start the New Year Right

(later pressing exists without the 45- prefix) 

45-03929  Silent Night / Adeste Fideles       

45-05224  What A Little Moonlight Can Do / Down By the Riverside       

45-05244 Changing Partners / Y’All Come   

45-05269 Secret Love / My Love, My Love 

45-05277 Young At Heart / I Get So Lonely

45-05304  If There’s Anybody Here / Back In the Old Routine      

45-05315  Cornbelt Symphony / The Call of the South        

45-05339  Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep / What Can You Do with a General?
45-05354  White Christmas / Snow
45-05377  The Song From “Desiree” / I Love Paris
45-05385  Tobermory Bay / The River (Sciummo)
45-05403  Dissertation on the State of Bliss / It’s Mine, It’s Yours

45-05404 The Search Is Through / The Land Around Us
45-05410 Stranger In Paradise /  Who Gave You the Roses?
45-05419  Ohio / A Quiet Girl
45-05430  Jim, Johnny And Jonas / Nobody
45-05451 (All She’d Say Was) “Umh Hum” / She Is the Sunshine of Virginia
45-05486  Angel Bells / There’s Music in You
45-05501 Sleigh Bell Serenade / Let’s Harmonize
45-05511 Farewell / Early American
45-05543 In a Little Spanish Town / Ol’ Man River
45-05558 No Other Love / Sleepy Time Gal
45-05585 Honeysuckle Rose / Swanee
45-05620 Christmas Is A-Comin’ / Is Christmas Only a Tree?

45-05674 Around the World / Around the World (non-Bing)

45-05726 Chicago / Alabamy Bound

45 - Alabamy Bound45-05760 Love in a Home / In the Good Old Summer Time

45-05764 It’s Beginning to Look A Lot like Christmas / I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

45-05770 Gigi / The Next Time It Happens

45-05790 Rain / Church Bells

45-05840 Happy Birthday - Auld Lang Syne / Home, Sweet Home (later pressing exists without the 45- prefix) 

05928 Where the Blue of the Night / Goodnight, Sweetheart

05934 Many Happy Returns of the Day / I Apologise



45-CL 14643 High Society Calypso (non-Bing) / Now You Has Jazz

45-CL 14645 True Love / Well Did You Evah?

45-CL 14761 Man on Fire / Seven Nights a Week

CL 15326 Do You Hear What I Hear? / Christmas Dinner Country Style

CL 15953 True Love / Well Did You Evah?

CL 315 True Love / Well Did You Evah? (issued in a picture sleeve)



45 - Tie a Yellow Ribbon2111-001 A Time to Be Jolly / And The Bells Rang

DAS 401 Gonna Build A Mountain / Sugar Don’t You Know

DAS 402 Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree / It’s Not Where You Start



45F 21452 Let’s Not Be Sensible / Team Work

F 13737 There’s Nothing That I Haven’t Sung About / As Time Goes By

F 13740 Where the Blue of the Night / Goodnight, Sweetheart



GSP 801 Never Be Afraid / My Own Individual Star






45-HL-R 8504 Never Be Afraid / I Love You Whoever You Are

45-HLR 8513 How Lovely Is Christmas / My Own Individual Star

45-HLU 8593 Paris Holiday / Nothing in Common

HLU 10276 More and More / Livin’ on Lovin

HLU 10532 Where the Morning Glories Grow / Eres Tu (That’s You)



MU 1010 Around the World / Around the World (non-Bing)

MU 1048 White Christmas / Silent Night

MU 1107 White Christmas / The First Snowfall

(three stages of issue, each with a different label design)

MCA 111 White Christmas / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

(three stages of issue, each with a different label design and picture sleeve)

MCA 538 Gone Fishin’ / Moonlight Bay

BING 1 White Christmas / Silent Night / Christmas in Killarney (issued in a picture sleeve)

BINGP 1 White Christmas / Silent Night / Christmas in Killarney (issued as a picture disc)

BC 111 White Christmas / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

(issued in a picture sleeve and distributed by Ace Gifts & Cards)



45 - Incurably RomanticMGM

45-MGM-1098 Incurably Romantic / The Second Time Around

45-MGM-1107 Muskrat Ramble / Dardanella



45PB 817 Straight Down the Middle / Tomorrow’s My Lucky Day

45PB 921 Say One for Me / I Couldn’t Care Less



2058 952 Seasons / On the Very First Day of the Year

2058 958 Yesterday When I Was Young / Sleigh Ride



RCA BOW 12 Peace on Earth - Little Drummer Boy / Fantastic Voyage (non-Bing) (issued in a picture sleeve)




R 20217 The Oldest Established / Fugue For Tinhorns (issued in a picture sleeve)

R 20352 Christmas Candles / It’s Christmas Time Again

R 20424 The White World of Winter / The Secret of Christmas

RS 20645 Step to the Rear / What Do We Do with the World?



UP 35852 That's What Life Is All About / The Pleasure of Your Company

UP 36025 I Love To Dance Like They Used To Dance / The Good Old Times

UP 36078 At My Time Of Life / Children

UP 36178 When a Child Is Born / What I Did For Love

UP 36305 Beautiful Memories / Déjà vu



45-WB. 83 The Little Drummer Boy / I Wish You a Merry Christmas




OE 9003 Bing Sings the Hits            

OE 9009 Some Fine Old Chestnuts, Volume 1         

OE 9010 Some Fine Old Chestnuts, Volume 2         

OE 9027 Gary Crosby and Friend     

OE 9069 Merry Christmas Volume One

(this appeared in three different forms: 1. Original sleeve [green background, full face Bing photo]. 2. Re-issued sleeve [blue background, snowman and baubles, no Bing pic] 3. White sleeve with Brunswick logo centre front, whilst reverse has “to” and “from” for personalisation [known as the "Gift" issue].)       

OE 9070 Merry Christmas Volume Two       

OE 9103 Peace and Blessing

OE 9291 Songs I Wish I Had Sung (The First Time Around) Part 1

OE 9292 Songs I Wish I Had Sung (The First Time Around) Part 2
OE 9293 Songs I Wish I Had Sung (The First Time Around) Part 3
OE 9353 To Bali and Morocco with Bing and Bob
OE 9359 Bing and the Dixieland Bands

Bing & The Dixieland Bands

OE 9362 Club Durant Part 3
OE 9366 New Tricks Part 1
OE 9367 New Tricks Part 2
OE 9368 New Tricks Part 3
OE 9409 The Small One

OE 9410 The Happy Prince
OE 9415 A Christmas Sing With Bing

OE 9421 They Sold A Million – No. 5

OE 9422 They Sold A Million – No. 6

OE 9423 They Sold A Million – No. 7

OE 9424 They Sold A Million – No. 8

OE 9430 They Sold A Million – No. 14

OE 9466 Bing Sings - No.1

OE 9467 Bing Sings - No.2

OE 9469 To My Sweetheart

OE 9472 Me and the Moon No. 1

OE 9473 Me and the Moon No. 2

OE 9504 Holiday in Europe





SEG 7522 Try a Little Tenderness / How Deep Is the Ocean / Happy-Go-Lucky You / Love Me Tonight

SEG 7553 Frankie Trumbauer & His Orchestra - Featuring Bix Beiderbecke


TFE 17060 The Legendary Bix Volume 2 Bix And Tram
TFE 17061 The Legendary Bix Volume 3 Whiteman Days
TFE 17178 Please
TFE 17179 Remember?
TFE 17186 The Four Greats


The Young Bing CrosbyHMV
7EG 8139 Mr Crosby and Mr Columbo
7EG 8219 The Young Bing Crosby
7EG 8251 The Young Bing Crosby (No. 2)
7EG 8405 Swingin’ With Bing
7EG 8475 Swingin’ With Bing No 2



MCEP 8 Crosby Christmas



MGM-EP-762 Bing and Satchmo
MGM ES 3515 Bing and Satchmo (stereo version of MGM-EP-762)





BBE 12142 Bing


Going Places with Crosby & ClooneyRCA

RCX 152 Going Places with Crosby and Clooney
SRC-7013 Going Places with Crosby and Clooney (stereo version of RCX 152)


R 30018 Return to Paradise Islands

R 30021 South Pacific
R 30025 Finian’s Rainbow
R 30039 Robin and the Seven Hoods
R 30040 Adventures in Paradise


WEP 6050 Join Bing and Sing Along

WEP 6100 Join Bing and Sing Along - Vol. 2

WEP 6103 Join Bing and Sing Along - Vol. 3

WSE 6100 Join Bing and Sing Along - Vol. 2 (stereo version of WEP 6100)

WSE 6103 Join Bing and Sing Along - Vol. 3 (stereo version of WEP 6103)

WSEP 2050 Join Bing and Sing Along (stereo version of WEP 6050)



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