Calendar 2013.jpgIt gives us great pleasure to present the Crosby calendar for 2013 which, sadly, will be the last one to be issued by the International Club Crosby. 


As in previous years, we have mainly used photos from the late Ron Bosley’s collection. There is a mixed bag of photos, some from movies and TV and some candid shots which hopefully will be new to many.


We know that many members write to radio presenters requesting Bing songs and it would be nice if you could ask for the “Song of the Month” each time. 


The cover photo has kindly been supplied by Greg Van Beek.


Advance orders were taken for the calendar this year but after satisfying these there are only a few left. Contact Wig Wiggins at 5608 North 34th. St., Arlington. Virginia 22207 (phone: 703-241-5608) or Michael Crampton at 19 Carrholm Crescent, Chapel Allerton, Leeds LS7 2NL, UK (phone: 0113 2689556) to obtain a copy. Price: $12.50 (postpaid) in the USA and Canada, £6.50 (postpaid) in the UK. Mainland Europe & Ireland £7, Remainder £8 (also postpaid).


Make cheques payable to F. B. Wiggins, or in the UK to The International Club Crosby.


Page last updated: September 26, 2012